I hope my blog stats aren’t indicative of the end scores my students will get under my new grading system. I liked my “score” at week 3…not so much at week 10.

But, thanks to all who have visited and commented so far.

Won’t have anything real to post as far as SBG until another week passes since I’ve been doing a lot of explaining and taking care of logistical items in each class.

And, thanks to Shawn, I have a lot I want to live up to – not just all my SBG changes.

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2 Responses to Indicative?

  1. Sharon Videtich says:

    Don’t worry, I have you on RSS Feed.

    I’m trying SBG in my chem classes this year. Hopefully my parents & kids are patient enough as I finalize things. I have my standards set, and most of my rubrics for unit 1. Now I need to come up with changing to % scale. I”m only doing a 1-4 rubric scale. I’m not sure I could differentiate in my head or the kids the differences in your 1-10 scale.

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