Semi-coherent ramblings (…I hope)

Ok, 2 weeks to go and I don’t feel any closer to being ready than I was at the end of last school year. I see so many bloggers with SBG topics, standards, and ideas and I’m still trying to catch up. I know that working my part time job all summer and my honey do list haven’t helped me with the planning phase, but I still feel overwhelmed.

But, I haven’t given up yet.

I was reading an email I got from the NSTA listserv and I think I had a bit of an epiphany.

It was related to a new set of standards “designed” to get K-12 students ready for college. And based on a the comments to that email, I think I answered some of my questions from my last post.

I don’t think it really matters (to some degree anyway) what standards I have or don’t have, how many there are, what level of “mastery” I set them at, or any of the other questions I think we may come up with when we set out to design these standards.

My goal has always been and will be to have my students leave my class being able to think. Yes, they need to show mastery of the curriculum content I put forth in order for me to say “they know subject X.” But, having this standard or that standard isn’t going to matter squat if I don’t teach them to learn for themselves. I am really inspired by Shawn and Dan (as well as others – Jason and Frank to mention a few) based on how they approach teaching their subjects. I know that how I teach them is more important than what I teach them.

I didn’t get a degree in a lot of things, but I know if I set myself to it, I could learn almost anything well enough to do it as a job. Much of that confidence comes from having learned how to think based on the questions asked of me in a particular few of my college physics courses. It wasn’t the material, but the process I went through in order to get there. If i can just get my students to go through that process and learn some content along the way, then I will have succeeded.

I have to give a shout out to Tracie Schroeder for posting about this student…this is the kind of student I want to produce.

Now, if I could just get a direct brain uplink for the SBG stuff on my blog roll, I’d be all set.

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